At The Ashgrove Clinic we’re all here because
we genuinely love what we do every day.

Hi, I’m Claire.

Steven and I opened The Ashgrove Clinic in 2006 with the aim of putting complementary healthcare on the map in the Midlands, and it’s no coincidence that our passion for osteopathy came from our own experiences as patients…

I trained as a massage therapist when I was backpacking around the world. After a long hike with a heavy backpack in New Caledonia I started getting pain in my lower back. On returning to the UK several years later I was referred to an osteopath. I didn’t believe osteopathy could make a difference, but the osteopath worked her magic and almost immediately the pain disappeared – it was just miraculous! Six months later I began my osteopathy training.

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I’m Steven.

My story is similar. As a Royal Marine, I spent quite a bit of time backpacking around the world, albeit in slightly different circumstances to Claire. I ended up with a nasty knee injury, which turned into osteo-arthritis and eventually led to surgery. That knee injury put me out of action for a good while, which was pretty difficult for an active guy like me!
Knowing what I do now, I realise that if I had been referred to an osteopath when my injury occurred, I probably wouldn’t have needed that surgery, and I wouldn’t have been left with a great big scar on my knee either! Since then, osteopathy – finding the root cause of pain and fixing it – has become a real passion of mine.

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At The Ashgrove Clinic we’re all here because
we genuinely love what we do every day.

All our therapists at The Ashgrove Clinic have their own inspiring reasons why they decided to specialise in their area of expertise, but at the core we all have a few things in common.

  • We’re absolutely determined to get to the root of every problem, and understand the causes of injuries and discomfort.
  • We are all dedicated to raising people’s awareness of osteopathy and complementary medicine. This includes people within the NHS.
  • We pride ourselves on making sure that from the second you step in to The Ashgrove Clinic to the second you leave, you are surrounded by nothing but reassuring, happy and smiling staff, who are dedicated to making you feel the best you have in years.
  • We recognise that we need to understand you, your lifestyle and the things that motivate you. This is the only way to make sure that every aspect of your treatment, including exercises and other advice, will suit you, meaning that it will fit in with your daily way of life.

It’s easy to mask pain in the short-term. To really solve the problem in the long-term, we make it our mission to delve a bit deeper, find the underlying cause and fix it. To do this we often need to tackle multiple areas of the body, sometimes with different types of treatment. That’s why we have worked so hard to put together such a fantastic team of therapists, all dedicated to making you feel better.

Our Team

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