Have you been told to do exercises?  Do you do them?  Are we nuts to ask that question?!

Some years ago Claire and Steven organised for an internationally famous osteopath to come to Knuston Hall to teach us that stretching doesn’t work!   I’m not going to go into the theory about why it doesn’t work, or whether it works (we’ll save that for the letter S), the important thing we got out of this course is that Knuston do the most fantastic Sunday lunches when we’re not in lockdown.

Oooops, that wasn’t what I was supposed to write.  What I meant to say was that the course taught us to incorporate exercises into your normal day.  So, if you need to work your quads for knee rehab you can sit and stand while you watch the TV.  In fact, each time you sit down, stand up and sit down again.  Your knee has no idea you’re not in a gym with weights.  Yes, you read that right!  In fact it’s a sentence that needs a whole line of it’s own:

Your knee has no idea you’re not in a gym with weights.

Your shoulders have no idea that hugging someone (not under the current Covid restrictions, obviously) works your shoulder muscles and that if that person then tries to stop you opening your arms you get to work a load of other shoulder muscles.

It takes a bit of imagination to find the right exercises and sometimes you do have to do the boring ones, but we’ll help you find the fun ones if we can.  Our aim is to Wow you and we think that hugging exercises are pretty Wow for all involved.

If you’ve been given exercises that are boring and you don’t do, call us and let’s see if we can come up with some that will rehab your injury, keep you out of pain, and make you laugh.

And once we’re allowed out, please do check out Knuston Hall for Sunday lunch!