J is for………our very own Jay.

There are probably quite a few things that you don’t know about our sports therapist, Jay.

For example, did you know he had his own clinic, The Sheridan Clinic, before moving to The Ashgrove Clinic in 2010? He and Claire weren’t sure whether the arrangement would work when he joined us, but it’s so strong they’ve even spent many hours driving to and from studios in London for our OsteopathyTV show.
Claire says they almost always listen to excellent 80s Goth pop in the car. Weirdly, Jay’s interpretation of the music situation is a bit different – he says he is forced to listen to Claire singing along to 80s Goth pop in the car.

Did you also know that Jay holds the highest qualification in Sports Therapy in the UK? Plus he’s qualified in:
– Strength and Conditioning
– Specialist shoulder treatments
– IDD disc decompression
– K-Laser treatments for injuries.

You see why he’s always so busy!

As well as being a top level Sports Therapist, Jay is also a DJ and record producer. He produced a number one single in 2020 and appeared on BBC Radio in 2022. His current band, Hexane/3 is doing really well.

In fact I’d say that Jay is one of those people who really demonstrates that you can make your joys in life your job.