Wrist pain

Have you got achey wrists? Are you worried about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Have you started getting pins and needles in your hand? Or is pain in the wrist waking you at night?

Wrist pain can stop you from playing sport or a musical instrument, it can stop you from working at a computer, it can stop all DIY jobs and even give you problems putting the dog lead onto the dog’s collar.

We know all about wrist problems; in fact, as manual therapists, our wrists are constantly under pressure when we work, so we are very familiar with treatments and rehab protocols for wrists.

As always the trick is to find what is causing the pain. Without that information you don’t know what to do to help it.

So what can cause pain wrist?

  • Golfer’s elbow – if you’ve injured your shoulder you’re probably cursing the injury because you can’t use your arm properly. There are many different sorts of shoulder injury – you can read more here.
  • Tennis elbow It’s not just a case of ‘is it tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow’!
  • Osteoarthritis – It’s also possible to have arthritis in the elbow, which can be incredibly frustrating for sports men and women. Bear in mind that even if the arthritis has been diagnosed by x-ray if might not be the actual cause of the pain. Osteoarthritis might sound like a sport-ending diagnosis, but if the pain is actually coming from a soft tissue injury we can help.
  • Strains – Other causes of elbow pain can come from falling on the elbow or having the elbow pulled suddenly. This sort of injury is commonly seen in dog and horse owners. A lot of force can be put through the elbow when a dog yanks the lead to grab a bit of left-over sandwich that has been dropped on the pavement.
  • Nerve pain – Nerves in the neck or arm can casue pain in the elbow and hand too.
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What to expect at the clinic

We understand hand, arm and shoulder pain because we see and treat it on a regular basis in the clinic. Treatment could have you returning to your normal daily activities, so don’t let the pain get you down!

Before treating you we’ll take a full medical case history. We’ll want to know about past injuries and illnesses, and about any medication you’re taking. We’ll examine the injury and look at how it’s effected by other areas of your body. We might also carry out orthopaedic, neurological or other medical tests. This is so we know it is safe and appropriate to treat you. If we think you need to be referred for scans or investigations, that’s what we’ll do.

Once we have made a diagnosis we will explain this to you and to talk you through the treatment options available to you. Our aim is always to find the underlying cause, so we can stop the pain, and also to help you find ways to prevent it coming back.

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