How can gait analysis help you?

You’re on your feet a lot. If those feet aren’t working properly, perhaps they don’t absorb shock as they should, or maybe they cause your legs to twist as you walk, then you can end up in pain.
The longer that goes on the more likely it is that you’ll cause damage. You could strain a muscle, stretch a ligament or end up with chronic back pain.
Gait analysis is a process which finds which aspects of your own gait could be leading to the symptoms you’ve noticed.

Who is Gait Analysis for?

The quick answer is “anyone who spends any time on their feet”. But a typical patient could be a sports person wanting to run more efficiently, a business person with a nagging backache that goes away only briefly after treatment, or someone of any age with that nasty pain in the sole of the foot: plantar fasciitis.
And for the elderly, addressing gait problems might help with balance issues, or be just the thing to help them walk to the shops or enjoy a day out with the grandchildren.

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