The Ashgrove Team

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Anna Mather

Nutritional Therapist

Anna’s motivation to take care of her body and health came from losing her mum as a child. She says that whilst her mum was not a nutritionist she instinctively guided the family towards the garden for food. Anna was the kid at school with the carrot sticks and soup thermos!

Anna’s first career was in finance. It was an exciting time, she was young, keen and focused. She worked very long hours, drank copious amounts of coffee, travelled extensively and didn’t often give much thought to her health. She felt she didn’t have time. “It was an exhilarating time but blimey was I tired.”

Having children led to a shift in her priorities. She worked in a specialist health retreat and this experience just ignited a passion for health through the science of nutrition. Not long after she enrolled with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and undertook three years of study in naturopathic nutritional therapy and graduated with distinction.

4 months into her course her 3 year old daughter became poorly. She started to wet the bed uncontrollably and excessively and had this insatiable thirst. Thanks to her training Anna realised straight away that she had Type 1 Diabetes and was able to get the help she needed quickly. They have been on the Type 1 journey ever since and Anna now specialises in working with adults and children with diabetes.