The Ashgrove Team

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Chloe Pick

Sports Massage Therapist

Chloe’s first career was as a performer in musical theatre, so she knows a lot about how the body moves. As a dancer herself she has a bit of a soft spot for treating other dancers and regularly treats at The Urdang Accademy, a well known dance college in London.  At Ashgrove she treats a massive variety of people with dance or sport-related problems.  She works closely with our sports injuries rehab team and helps to get people back to sport after injuries, as well as keeping them performing at their best during training.

We should add that Chloe also treats people who don’t have any sports injuries, but just need a blooming good massage!

As with all our practitioners, Chloe isn’t happy unless she’s improving her skills, so she’s currently training to teach dance.

Chloe performing in a production of Cabaret!