The Ashgrove Team

Our team is like a little family...

Claire Short


Claire is one of the directors of the clinic. Her love for treating babies, adults and animals is now pretty well known. Her smallest animal patient is a geko and her largest is a buffalo. Her youngest patient was 5 days old (a human baby and a foal take equal first place here) and her oldest was 94 years old.

In addition to treating Claire runs anatomy courses for osteopaths, and, with Steven, runs The Academy of Physical Medicine a training academy for osteopaths and chiropractors. Through The Academy they run courses with some of the most famous osteopaths, chiropractors and medical consultants in the world, but really Claire is happiest when cuddling her black Labradors or flying over jumps on her orange horse.

Do ask: Would you like to treat a giraffe.

Don’t ask: How’s the horse? (You’ll never stop her talking)

Testimonial for Claire: I can’t recommend The Ashgrove Clinic highly enough. I have been going there for osteopathy for a number of years and always find them to be welcoming and professional. Claire is the osteopath who I have seen the most and she always manages to sort me out, however wonky I am! L Reeves