The Ashgrove Team

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Jay Sheridan

Sports Therapy

Jay has over 15 year’s experience in Sports Therapy and is probably one of the most highly qualified massage therapists in the country. He holds the UK’s highest level certification (Dip 5) in Sports and Remedial Massage, he’s trained with the Football Association in treatment of acute injuries, and currently works with Wellingborough Rugby Football Club and treats many runners in the area. He has worked closely with osteopaths for much of his career and has expertise across a wide range of sporting disciplines.

Jay also uses our KLaser machine which gives him the ability to treat even more injuries and pains. For information about KLaser click here.

Jay’s other career is as a musician and producer.

Do ask: What’s new in the recording studio?

Don’t ask: Will I get better without doing any exercises?

Testimonial for Jay: My son has a rare neurological disease called Wilson’s disease affecting every aspect of his life, he is in a wheelchair and struggles to talk and be understood. He has been having sports massages with Jay for about 6 months. I think and Jay has been amazing therapy for Sam, they get on well and Sam feels truly relaxed around him. For a boy that doesn’t like going anywhere he always wants to visit Jay. A huge thank you and recommendation for Jay.