The Ashgrove Team

Our team is like a little family...

Ruth Walker


Ruth spent her teenage years surrounding herself with horses and then made a career of riding, training horses and teaching people to ride. After 10 years the winter weather became too much for her, so she trained as an osteopath (hoping to spend more time in a warm room) and as part of her Master’s degree conducted a research project into horse riders back pain. Whilst training she developed a love of treating people (not just horses) as well as becoming fascinated by the way movement affects joint function. Ruth’s other big passion is treating horses. When Clare gave up treating these half tonne creatures Ruth took over the patient list and became Ashgrove’s equine osteopath. When not practicing osteopathy, Ruth is found either somewhere near a horse, on a bicycle or helping out with children’s charities.

Do ask: Can you treat my horse please?

Don’t ask: Are you having any time off this weekend?

Testimonial for Ruth: Quite seriously Ruth changed my life, pain free days for the first time ever! F Addis