K Dicks

After I suffered an avulsion fracture to my ankle in January 2019, I was keen to resume my previous active lifestyle as soon as possible.
As I already attended the podiatry clinic at Ashgrove, I asked Ann Exton, the podiatrist, for advice and she recommended Pierre Bonnard for physiotherapy.
After 4 sessions over a 3 month period, I am now back to country walking, aquarobics and low impact zumba which is pretty good for a 71 year old!
I found Pierre to be most professional, extremely thorough and good fun. Although I had to work hard at the exercises he devised for me, I could feel the results and made steady progress under his guidance. I know that if he had not been so concerned about my injury I would have gone back to my classes far too soon and probably prolonged my recovery.
Many thanks Pierre for all the help, advice and encouragement.