Food Intolerance Testing

Are you worried that your body doesn’t respond well to a particular food?

Don’t think of food sensitivity as a trend, it really does make a difference to people’s bodies.

If you’re sensitive to a specific food you might have a variety of health problems.

Your body is a system in which all things work together to create harmony. Could it be that food intolerances or allergies are causing an imbalance? Is this misalignment causing other stresses in your life? I can perform allergy testing which will help us understand your body better, with support and guidance to better nourish you from head to toe.

Healthy Diet

You may be eating a healthy balanced diet but if you have an intolerance to a food it could be damaging to your health.


The gut is an important part of the immune system, if what you digest causes irritation and inflammation the immune system will become impaired.

Feel great!

The combination of food testing, nutritional advice and homeopathic remedies helps to get you back to a healthy balance and feeling great!

Testimonial for Michelle:

“Michelle has helped me stabilise and now eradicate a very painful stomach condition by listening and showing genuine interest in my condition. I had the food test for intolerances, kept to her recommendations and took the remedies. Don’t ask me how it works it just does. I’d thoroughly recommend Michelle to anyone who has finished their journey with the Doctor and still has the condition!”  David Cooke

Michelle Riches Says:

Life is so much better when you feel well and energetic!

Frequently asked questions

What happens at the first appointment?

On your first visit to us a full medical case history will be taken.  We need to know all aspects of your health. We will ask about your previous injuries, surgery, illnesses, and we will want to know if you’re taking any medication.

Unless we need further information about your condition we would normally treat you on your first appointment.

What happens during treatment?

Once we’ve made a diagnosis, and we are satisfied that it is safe to treat you, we use kinesiology muscle testing to conduct the tests. It’s not painful in any way and it can be fun to see how foods affect your muscle strength!

Can I claim on my insurance?

If you’re not sure whether you can claim to see a homeopath for food intolerance testing, please check with your insurance before you book. Not all insurance companies cover this therapy as it is not podiatry.

You might also need to whether you need a GP referral before coming to us.  Most insurance companies don’t require a GP referral, but some do.

Once you’ve got the Ok from your insurance company we ask that you pay us after each appointment and then claim the money back from your insurance company yourself.

If you would like us to recommend an insurance company please do talk to us when you come in for treatment. We particularly like WPA as they’re so friendly!

Can I bring somebody with me?

Of course you can!   We are very happy for you to have somebody in the treatment room with you.  We are quite used to families coming together or parents bringing kids with them.  In fact the osteopaths and rhythmic movement therapist often treat children so we’ve very child friendly!

Incidentally, if we are treating children under the age of 16 we insist that a parent or guardian accompany them.

We also ask that if you’re bringing any children under the age of 16 that they join you in the treatment room and are not left to sit in the waiting room unaccompanied by an adult.

How long are the appointments?

Your first appointment will be 1 hour.

Do I need a GP referral?

No, you don’t need a referral unless you have private healthcare and your provider requires you to have a referral.

So you can call us any time, or book online, without having to wait for a GP appointment.

Even though a referral by a GP is not necessary, you are encouraged to keep your GP fully informed so that your medical records are up-to-date.

If you have private medical insurance you need to check your cover as some companies specify that you have to have a GP referral.  

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