Arm, wrist and hand pain

Have you got pain in the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist or hand? Is it getting hard to use your arm or hand because of the pain? Are you getting fed up with not being able to do normal activities with the arm?

Pain in your arm can be a bit mixed – it might feel like it’s in the shoulder, but radiates into the upper arm; it might feel like it’s vagely in the elbow, but sometimes in the hand; or it might involve pain that shoots down the arm into the hand.

While all of this is distressing, frustrating and confusing for you, the different pains and symptoms give us clues as to where the pain is coming from. So, don’t think we will dismiss your explanations of what’s happening. We will listen to you and use what you tell us to make a diagnosis.

So what can cause pain in the arm, wrist or hand?

  • Shoulder pain – if you’ve injured your shoulder you’re probably cursing the injury because you can’t use your arm properly. There are many different sorts of shoulder injury – you can read more on our Frozen Shoulder page.
  • Elbow pain – It’s not just a case of ‘is it tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow’!
  • Wrist pain – Did you think it was RSI? You might be right, but you might also be wrong!
  • Hand pain – There are many causes of hand pain – there are so many little muscles, bones and ligaments in there!
  • Nerve pain – Nerves in the neck or arm can casue pain in the arm and hand too.
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When I had wrist pain Ashgrove fixed it. Without this treatment I’m not sure how I’d have coped. It’s not just the physical pain relief, but also the caring, humorous and friendly nature they have.Hayley Brackley

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If you work at a desk for long periods of time please don’t ignore wrist or arm pain, it’s just not worth it.Claire Short, Osteopath and Clinic Director

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