Be your best through your pregnancy and after

If you’re pregnant and have a strong desire to learn about how your body is naturally adjusting, ready to carry the baby through to as natural a birth as is practical on the day – this course is for you.

Empower Your Pregnancy will set you on a new trajectory, especially if you are…

  • Making big changes – you perhaps you have been waiting a while to reach this exciting point and are thinking that the road ahead is unclear because until now you’ve been focused on your career or elsewhere.
  • Worried – have you already been given conflicting advice about how to proceed safely through this pregnancy? Everyone seems to have a different, but confusing, perspective and you want expert guidance.
  • In need of answers – have a thousand questions and nobody to ask because you’re not so close to your family or they’re just not as keen on natural childbirth as you .
  • Aware that this change is huge – you might not be feeling confident about how to have a happy and successful pregnancy or birth.

This program is your invitation to…

  • Journey through this important part of life with joy, feeling empowered and informed at this magical time and confidently deliver your baby.
  • Be able to stay active, adapt and enjoy your usual fitness activities, without causing any harm to yourself or your growing baby.
  • Get clarity about the changes naturally happening in your body and the exciting development of your baby .
  • Be thoroughly prepared, for the safe delivery of your baby, and to cope with the responsibility and care of a precious life afterwards.

Being informed and positive about this baby is going to help both of you.
Use Brooke’s knowledge to help you be your best!

Brooke Robinson

What makes me the right mentor for you?

I have been exactly where you are now and it was critically important to me to prepare myself well for the exciting changes and the magical journey that pregnancy brings.

As a women’s health specialist osteopath I have many years’ experience in treating pregnant women and babies. I am well equipped to help you learn what happens to our bodies at this time and how the baby is developing.

Like you, I wanted to plan for an enjoyable pregnancy, maintaining my fitness and preparing fully for as natural a birth as is safely possible, whilst understanding what other options might need to be taken under medical guidance on the delivery day.

My mission is to guide you through the myths and incorrect advice; to ensure you are fully prepared for, and confident about, the natural and beautiful event of giving birth to a new life.

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