Knee pain

Knees, being rather complicated joints, need a whole section to themselves! But this website is already two years late in being made live, so I’m going to write this one in the Summer when the glitches in the rest of it have been ironed out – forgive me!

But, if you have knee pain there are plenty of things we can do in the clinic to help. So get yourself in for a 20 minute free consultation and tell us, face-to-face, what’s going on. We’ll go through the full history with you and point you in the right direction.

Don’t suffer with the pain. Come and talk to us.

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knee pain
knee pain treatment
Ashgrove is very welcoming and professional. I can highly recommend The Ashgrove Clinic, they are absolutely brilliant. E Walker

Pierre says:

Free consultations!

It’s not always easy to work out what therapy might be the best for you.

Our 20 minute free consultations are there for exactly that reason. Come and tell us about the pain. Let us do the rest.

Pierre Bonnaud (Chartered Physiotherapist)

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