The Ashgrove Team

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Jo Fowler

Foot Healthcare Practitioner

Jo has a keen interest in all aspects of foot care. She believes that by taking time to care and looking after your feet you help to manage your overall health and wellbeing.

Her background is a very clear mix of health and caring: she originally studied sports management and trained as a swimming teacher, massage therapist and reflexologist (there was an early interest in feet, you see!)

Her career then diverted her into HR, which she loved because it was all about caring for people and meeting new people. Some years later, after having kids and obtaining post graduate training in HR, she realised that her passions lay back in the world of feet, so she retrained as a foot health practitioner.

As you’ll see when you meet her, she finds it hard to hide her passion for fixing foot problems.

Do ask: How is your Ragamuffin cat, Azlan?

Don’t ask: How are your sewing and ironing skills?