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Rob Gaylor


Rob has a genuine interest in helping his clients understand their biomechanical dysfunction and seeks to treat and rehabilitate his patients.   Having first qualified in Personal Fitness Training, Rob had an excellent insight into the way the body works prior to starting his osteopathy training.

He has a particular interest in sports injuries, biomechanics and rehabilitation as well as exercise advice to manage recovery.

Rob is also qualified to use acupuncture needles (dry needling).

Rob’s other main interests are off-loading the stresses of bringing up his two young children by going to the gym for a weights session or boxing class!

Rob’s next project is to learn to play the guitar.  He started learning when he was a teenager, but his sports commitments took priority and he didn’t leave enough time time to focus on music.

Don’t ask: Is it your turn to look after the kids today?

Do ask: Do you want to go to the gym?