Feeling Fine

We want you to leave the clinic feeling fine.  Actually, we’d like you to leave feeling Wow, but sometimes that takes longer.  Our first aim is that you feel fine.

Why the distinction?  Well, we can’t always make the pain disappear in one session, but in order to make you feel ‘fine’ we will:

  • give you a diagnosis
  • explain the problem to you
  • reassure you
  • help you plan how to deal with the pain
  • give you exercises to reduce the pain

And if we know your injury is something we can’t help, we’ll tell you and will help you work out what to do next.

Feeling fine isn’t just about being in less pain.  It’s about understanding the pain, knowing what to do to help yourself, and knowing you’re in safe hands.

The next stage is feeling Wow, but we’re saving that for W!


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