Muscle Strain

Muscles get strained when they are over stretched. Sometimes the injury involves more than one muscle and can be so painful you feel you can’t move the joint. Strains might only hurt when the muscle is put on stretch, or when you lift something.

The good news is that they normally heal quickly, but if you’ve really over-stretched the muscle badly, or if you’ve ruptured it, you’ll need help.

Common strains:

Hamstring injuries: Often seen in footballers because of the tug on the hamstrings when kicking.
Groin strains: Any sports that might lead to you skidding /slipping will put you at more risk of groin strains.
Shoulder muscle strains: Often seen in racket sports, but also in horse riders – not from riding, but from lifting, carrying and forking hay, straw and shavings!

When you pull a muscle, remember that RICE is your first port of call.
– Rest
– Ice
– Compression
– Elevation (if possible)

Bad strains can be hard to fix, which is where KLaser treatments can help. It’s pain-free and works quickly. See our KLaser blog poss for more information about the treatment.

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